LESSON 7 PSYCHIC DETECTIVE REMOTE VIEWING You will receive a Video Tutorial, Worksheets, A Variety of techniques with information to help you to review Police Cold Cases. You will receive the listing of items above. THIS LESSON £45 inc p&p


PSYCHIC DETECTIVE LESSON If you have ever watched the news and thought to yourself I feel that person is guilty or not guilty. You may have had a little video playing in your mind as to what really happened. If this has happened to you then you may find you have a natural gift in becoming a Psychic Detective. Even if you havent had this happen to you we all have an ability to use that part of our brain that scientists say they have no idea what function it has in everyday life. Looking into Cold Cases that the police haven't been able to solve is the true function of a Psychic Detective. Allison DuBois is a famous Psychic Detective who has helped the police solve many unsolved cases. If you wish to explore what your excess brain function can do then this is the lesson for you! REMOTE VIEWING What is Remote Viewing? It is used in the Military to seek information that may not have been possible to receive without a group of special Psychics who can use ESP (Extra Sensuory Perception) to use their abilities to visit places that they may have never been before. The purpose was to see (visualise) what is going on or to find out area's of significance that would not otherwise be able to be obtained. The US was getting very concerned in the 1970s that the the Russian Remote Viewing Unit were doing far better than they had been and so they decided to pour in $20 Million to help improve our own Remote Viewers. These special Psychics would be able to draw pictures / write secretive information & repeat conversations that people were having anywhere in the world just by using their minds. These specialised techniques are possible to do as I have personally done this in the past. I am able to tell you what people will be saying in the future and how they will react emotionally or sometimes physically to the conversation that they are having. I find it strainge but it have become part of my Reading technique now! I would love to show you the techniques that I used to build up the use of this particular part of the brain so that you may do this too. Its not for everyone but at the very least it will enhance your psychic awareness. FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR INNER PSYCHIC DETECTIVE THEN PURCHASE THIS LESSON PLAN ALONG WITH THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO PURCHASE THIS PACK.

With this Online teaching pack you will receive a video tutorial via email. Also Worksheets and other techniques to help you unlock this unique ability for yourself. I have know people who are on the first stages of their psychic journey master these skills. You either have it or you don't but either way you will be able to use these techniques to enhance your own psychic awareness.