LESSON 9 TRANSFIGURATION, CHANNELLING, SCRYING You will receive a Video Tutorial, Scrying Tools, black Obsidian Crystal Ball, Clear Crystal Ball, Worksheets & Mirror for Scrying THIS LESSON £50 inc p&p


TRANSFIGURATION This is when you sit quietly and allow, through correct breathing techniques your spirit guides or / & loved ones to enter your Auric Field. When someone else is watching a person doing this they may be able to see a face overshadowing their face in certain light. Its a great way of using your third eye to actually see spirit. If the person sitting holds up a black mirror or a black crystal ball they may actually be able to also see changes on their face. (this is called scrying) SCRYING As well as using a Crystal Ball or Black Mirror to see changes on the faces of those transfiguating you can also use this as a fortune telling tool. When you have a client in front of you, you can tune in your third eye to stare into the crystal ball (clear or black) and see the clients loved ones or various images that can relate to them, a memory or a link to their loved ones. CHANNELLING When you start to give these messages to your client you are Channelling. You can also use different techniques to enhance your channelling abilities to actually give messages and sometimes philosophy from higher energies, angels & spirit guides. The messages are unpredictable as it depends who you will be channelling. It is a good idea to somehow record / write down or log somehow the information that comes through as it takes a lot of effort from the spirit world to contact us here. FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES THEN PURCHASE THIS LESSON PLAN ALONG WITH THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL - PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO PURCHASE THIS PACK.

With this Online teaching pack you will receive a video tutorial via email. Also Worksheets, a small Clear Crystal Ball (20mm) , Black Crystal Ball (20mm), other Scrying Tools and other techniques to help you enhance your psychic abilities.