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Patricia Walsh's thoughts for the day. STop. LOok and LIsten to this interview as it contains so much constructive and indeed, vitally desturbing info about our brave police force. If something isn't done IMMEDIATELY our

SPALDING SHOOTINGS These two fine young men gave such a humble yet strong interview on Victoria Derbyshire's programe this morning and it touched me so much it had me in tears. I too have been in a terribly controlling, tormented relationship more than once in my lifetime. The damage is done to your self esteem bit by bit, day by day, very slowly over the days months, years that when you finaley get the message, it is shocking and rocks your whole world. Yes, your friends and family may say that they don't like the way he or she treats you, but you ignore their words because in a few ways, they are ok. Good providers perhaps, hard working, good cooks and in my case, one of the families told me I was his savior and they had never seen him

so happy and content. So you ignore the knot in your tummy, the digs at your friends and family members, the blocking of weekend get-togethers because, as he says, it's the only time we have to ourselves as he is out working hard every week day to provide the very best for you. So you become more and more isolated and you become very good at lying, hiding the marks, the bad nervious twitch cos' you are so used to cringing when they walk past when a row is brewing up. You hide the bags under your eyes from lack of sleep because he demands sex from you even when you have said no. He says he owns you, that your body is his! Is that rape? It's confusing as you so want things to calm down so you do all in your power to accomodate his needs until the time comes when you just can't take it anymore and have to leave. I nearly paid for that choice with my life but I am so proud of myself for being strong enough to make it. With the help of my Alison and Keith, and all the people that love me, I have made a good life for myself but I fear for the people, men and women, children too who are trapped by these bulling dictators,these monsters who feel that it is their right to take ownership of other people and that their way is the law! I pray for everyone who feels run down and shattered by living this way, to seek help now, today and although this terrible happening that has prompted my writting these words, I believe it is very much worth seeking a way out and therefore a way to a fabulously free life for all concerned. I wish these brothers well and I believe that their bravery in giving this interview will shed much needed light on domestic violence of all kinds. xx

Patricia Walsh thoughts for the day. This tore at my heartstings as I too am an old lady now in societies eyes. I am the crabby old woman that the youth of today sometimes despise. For they think I am worthless and a complete waste of space. But when folk take the time out to stop and smile and look at my face. They will see what I see when I occationally look in the mirror. A woman who has lived life, warts and all, and shed many a tear. So next time you see me or another old, slow confused old person. Remember that all too soon it'll be your turn, so best learn the lesson That we are all as one, all part of the whole God Head, Universal Law And when I witnessed kind actions to others, I am so happy I saw. God's love working day by day by kind actions hat can calming all fears I pray that more people learn the gift of helping, loving to dry the tears. Of those lost and lonely, the dying and frightned in our world today. So I wrote these few simple words to get out what I'm trying to say.

That when you're kind to others it's the only way you can truly grow. In mind, body and spirit as there is lots of lessons we must know. By the time it comes to our own moment to cross over the great divide. It'll be great to know that you've left happiness and love when you die. Take time out of your busy day to help someone in need, who's lonely. Invite them for a cuppa and cake, it'll make you place be more homely. And you too will be remembered for the smiles, laughter and good heart. And the kids you leave behind will know that you gave them a good start. Blessed Be xxx