When you start to read professionally you can change people’s lives. This statement should fill you with a sense of responsibility and a little pressure too.

If all you say within your reading is negative and doom and gloom....If we are in a bad mood and we can’t be bothered to listen to someone else’s problems.....If we are reading their cards only for the money. Stop! The time for you to put down your cards and stand back is now!

I can’t stress enough that this should be a message from the angelic realms, from their guides through your guides to keep them uplifted, motivated to change what is holding them back in their life and to think more positively for their future.

To start believing in their own abilities and that they are worthy of a lovely life without emotional pain, anger, fear or insecurity. You are the one that needs to bring this out within them. It’s like a form of Counselling through their spirit guides and this is the whole reason why I started the Guiding Angels in the first place.

There are so many Charlatans out there who are just after the money and they don’t care about the readings that they give. You have the power through positive wording and encouragement to give strength to help them grow and become better people in whichever way they choose to better themselves. Along with predictions come these little words of advice and confidence boosting from their loved ones and spiritual advisers. We are just the mediums that translate it.

For example: I am being told that you have a huge obstacle in front of you and that you are just going to give up because you have in the past and that’s the type of person you are. (WRONG WAY ME THINKS!) LOL

Better version: I am seeing an obstacle coming up for you ... You have in the past not had the strength or courage to overcome it but now your ARE STRONGER and YOU CAN do this you just need to BUILD UP YOUR STRENGTH and GO FOR IT! It may have been the wrong time in the past and now this is the right time. You have nothing to loose.

The same thing is being picked up in both readings you are just slanting it more to the positive and giving the person the courage that they can overcome this if they try hard enough. Obstacles are put in front of us in life to help you.
Ali - March 2012