Ashley Palmer I have been going to see Colette for nearly two years now. The first time I saw her I still lived in London and was in thanet visiting family. I suffer from chronic pain head to toe and was in a really bad place. The first time I saw Colette I was amazed by how I felt after and I started travelling from London every 2 weeks for reiki with her. I now live in thanet and continue to have regular reiki. Colette has helped me in so many ways, mentally, physically and spiritually! I cannot recommend this lady enough and how she has helped to bring calm and peace to my life and always goes that extra mile to help you. X August 1 at 10:39am

Michelle Palmer Through My sister I met this lovely lady and was introduced to the world of Reiki.. an hour spent with Colette calms you down , revitalises you and give you the inner strength you need for complete well being .. I don't see this wonderful lady enough .. I will be rectifying this ! Everyone needs Colette in their life x x August 1 at 10:11pm

Leigh-nadine Dieguno Colette has helped me often with her reiki sessions. For both relaxation & medical symptoms. Which helped me greatly every time. Always lovely to see her beautiful smile & have a great giggle too. Id recommended her & have recommended her to many people, who have all been very pleased that i did. I look forward to seeing her again quiet soon. Xx August 2 at 12:06am

Pat Walsh The moment I met Collette at a psychic fare in ramsgate, I felt a connection pure and powerful. During the healing session, I felt we were out in a healing bubble and that a psychic surgeon was working through her to help with my pain. A little while later I had an appointment for a session at her beautiful home and her healing was was so magical and restful, I felt I was floating. Everyone should feel the power and the peace of her reiki healing. August 2 at 9:48am

Sarah Marie Bax Colette is a lovely lady and a very powerful healer x I have had therapy sessions and love how calm and clear headed I feel afterwards . August 2 at 3:01pm

Michelle Watkins My mum... a reiki healer (now master) helped little 5 day old Albert out of hospital. We were both stuck in hospital trying to improve Alberts jaundice and every blood test wasn't improving and at times it was worse, so every day was more treatment on the UV lamps , not nice seeing your new born under the light with his eyes covered and can't attend to him like you normally would do for feeding as they must be in the light to get better. Very emotional time. My mum came in and said your coming out! She did a reiki session on him and within in minutes his skin was changing and nurse walked in and couldn't believe her eyes, (after being told it's going to be another treatment and another night stay in hospital as his tests hadn't improved enough to leave) , the nurse then said "what's happened he looks amazing" , Alberts skin was changing and looked normal before our eyes. Now my mum is my mum but we both was so overwhelmed with her reiki gift, that it was so visual!!!!! Thank you mum for getting us out of hospital , amazing , very proud of you . Hospitals should hire reiki healers for all scenarios xxxx August 3 at 11:09pm Edited

Paula Young A very lovely lady always smiling a lot of empathy and very calming and she gives unconditionally and will help in any way she can xxx August 4 at 11:39pm

Pat Walsh I was driving ali back from margate hospital and was in so much pain to the right of my lower spine. She told me to lean forward and put her hand in the point of pain. I felt intense heat and after a few seconds it had almost gone! August 5 at 8:32am